function onloadhookcustom() {
 if (window.addEventListener){window.addEventListener("load",onloadhookcustom,false);}
 else if (window.attachEvent) {window.attachEvent("onload",onloadhookcustom);}
 function PurgeButton(){
   var replace = document.getElementById("control_share_feature");
replace.innerHTML='<li id="control_share_feature" class=""><img class="sprite share" src=""><a id="ca-share_feature" href="#" rel="nofollow">Share this article</a><img class=spriate share" src=""><a href="javascript:Purge();" accesskey="w" title="Purge the cache of this page">Purge<a></li>'; } function Purge(){ location.reload(true); } function SpareFunctions(){ PurgeButton(); }</li>

function Purge(){

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